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There is nothing that can beat going out and partying all night long to reduce the stress of a long, hard work week.  While in your mind you are ready to go out and have fun your body may need a bit of a boost in order for you to be able to really enjoy your night out. UK party pills online have an extensive range of pills with relaxant, stimulant and aphrodisiac properties, produced from all-natural plant sources so they are completely safe and non-addictive.


At affordable prices, these party pills will ensure you have the energy you need to make the most of your evening, without fear of becoming addicted. We have been selling our legal party pills in UK and the rest of the world for over 6 years now.


All of our party pill products come with a 100% 60 day moneyback guarantee so you can have the complete assurance that if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you may return them to, no questions asked.


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Dex Party Powder - Discontinued

The euphoric properties of Dex Powder have made this one of the most popular choices around the globe for those wanting to elevate their mood while increasing energy levels quickly. Helps sharpen mental focus and improve confidence. Dosage: 50-100mg. 1g bag is enough for 10 - 20 doses. Wait 3hrs between doses.

Sorry guys Dex is Discontinued Now.

V8 Party Pills - Energy Booster

V8 is a strong formula that fuels your enegry levels and intensifies your whole party experience. Also energizes and provides a sense of ecstasy that will ensure you will become a 'party animal'.

Dosage: Take 2 pills 30mins before party.  

Usual Price: £49  Todays Price: £29

Hi-Octane - Herbal Speed Party Pills

Hi Octane is packed full of the worlds best natural stimulants, it has been engineered for maximum performance to make one of the best energy party pills that is perfect for rave party.

Dosage: Take 1 pill 45mins before party.

Usual Price: £49  Todays Price: £29

TNT - Energy Party Pills

TNT is a powerful energy booster that intensifies your experiences so you can have a blast all night long.  

Dosage: Take 1 pill to support energy.   

Usual Price: £49  Todays Price: £29

Space Trips - Discontinued Product

Space Trips is a legal and natural alternative to LSD. Boosting your energy level, causing intense visuals and powerful euphoric stimulant.

Dosage: Take 2 pills 45mins before party

Sorry guys Spacetrips is Discontinued Now.

Sex Intense - Party sexpills

Suitable for both women and men, Sex Intense has aphrodisiac properties that will increase and intensify sexual urges and awareness. Perfect for anyone who experiences difficulty achieving sexual arousal while under the influence of alcohol.  

Dosage: Take 2 pills 90mins before sex.   

Usual Price: £49  Todays Price: £29

Big Daddy - Guarana Party Pills

With no reported side effects, Big Daddy is a powerful blend of natural stimulants, that optimize energy, keeps you alert and in the mood, for all night long partying. Has a bonus effect of heightening sexual awareness.

Dosage: Take 1 pill 45mins before party.

Usual Price: £49  Todays Price: £29

Mello Man - Relaxant

Ideal as a powerful stress reliever, Mello Man contains all-natural herbal extracts and provides a relaxing effect that is long lasting.

Dosage: Take 1-3 pills 45mins prior to the desired effect.

Usual Price: £49  Todays Price: £29

Hyperdrive - Natural Stimulant

HyperDrive is the natural legal substitute to amphetamine. Provide stimulation to all of the senses and a heightened sense of awareness

Dosage: Take 1 - 3 pills as required.

Usual Price: £129  Todays Price: £89

NeuroBlaster - Herbal Stimulant

NeuroBlaster is a extremely potent natural blends of herbal extracts that are psychoactive and have true euphoric effects. A perfect addition to any rave party.

Dosage: Take 1 - 3 pills as required.

Usual Price: £129  Todays Price: £89

Slowdown - Relaxant

Slow Down products contain an effective blend of herbs that produce a relaxing and calming effect. Slow Down is great for those wanting to meditate or just need to unwind. Long lasting stress reliever.

Dosage: Take 1 - 3 pills as required

Usual Price: £129  Todays Price: £89

Sextreme - Aphrodisiac

Sextreme product have powerful, all-natural aphrodisiac properties that will ensure a heightened level of arousal and sexual excitement. Results guaranteed.

Dosage: Take 1 - 3 pills before sex.

Usual Price: £129  Todays Price: £89

Kanna - Euphoric Effect

Kanna is the perfect mood stabilizer, helps to keep you on an even keel. Gives optimal support for things such as mild depression, anxiety, tension and stress. Enables you to better manage mood swings.

Dosage: Take 1 - 2 pills as required.

Usual Price: £79  Todays Price: £59